About Us

About Us

RELSOFT is US based technology company which provides many technology solutions for small and medium business. We also provide services for organizations. Our services include: Web Hosting and Design, Electronic Circuits Design, Software Development, App Development, Networking, Graphic Design, Electronic Sell.
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RElSoft is well established, Technology Solutions Company based in Indiana, United States of America with years of experience creating, designing, building dynamic websites, creating network solutions, developing apps and computer software. RElSoft knows the customer needs and create solutions that reflect positive feedback. Our expertise team take care in cost, client and create dynamic websites and well designed software for businesses and organizations that met exactly their solutions


Our mission is to help small and medium business and organizations. Through honest, business sense, innovation and professionalism, we help our clients in branding their company, increasing their sales, saving their time.

What we do?

  • Web Hosting and Design
  • Electronic Circuits Design
  • Software Development
  • App Development
  • Networking
  • Graphic Design
  • Electronic Sell