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Web Design

Beyond the beautiful design, our web services is package of solutions including: Online booking systems, free related media of your website, free logo design, ssl certificate, internet marketing, free admin tutorial, and many more.

Software Development

Having your own custom software is the challenge of today! We take that risk and let you take rest.
RElSoft proudly developed many custom software for business and individuals who appreciated and managed their business in smart way. Our business software has report generating which saves valuable time and shows profit or loss!

Graphic Design

Our graphic design team have both skills and creativity of designing meaningful and attractive design.
Our design services include: Logos, Business Cards, Posters, Banners, Flyers, and Certificates.

Online Marketing

Online marketing is one of the main important things for every business. The rapid increase of technology world forced may companies to advertise and make their business visible on the internet. SEO is included to our web developing package. The SEO increases visibility of your website.

Electronic Design

From Schematic to PCB Design is our responsibility. Our customers deal with our debug free outcome! RElSoft uses great simulation software to test before completing the actual design. We do all this to insure our customers satisfaction and to show them their desired result before they spend money.


Small business growth always has challenge of organizing and sharing information between systems. Configuring and creating connection between your computers and systems is the solution you can share information between them. Computer networking is one of our choices to assist our customers and get for them the solution they need! Our network configuration will enable you to monitor your entire company in one computer, share printers, and assign rules and permissions.

What else we provide?

Electronic Selling

We sell electronics, such us computers, cell phones, tablets. RElSoft online shop has free and fast delivery. Shop at home, and get the product you need in short time without spending time. Our online shopping is secure and integrated with PayPal.

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Who we are?

RELSOFT is US based technology company which provides many technology solutions for small and medium business. We also provide services for organizations. Our services include:

  • Web Hosting and Design
  • Electronic Circuits Design
  • Software Development
  • App Development
  • Networking
  • Graphic Design
  • Electronic Sell
Database Design
Software Development
Graphic Design


About Us

RELSOFT is US based technology company which provides many technology solutions for small and medium business. We also provide services for organizations. Our services include: Web Hosting and Design, Electronic Circuits Design, Software Development, App Development, Networking, Graphic Design, Electronic Sell


RElSoft is well established, Technology Solutions Company based in Indiana, United States of America with years of experience creating, designing, building dynamic websites, creating network solutions, developing apps and computer software. RElSoft knows the customer needs and create solutions that reflect positive feedback. Our expertise team take care in cost, client and create dynamic websites and well designed software for businesses and organizations that met exactly their solutions


Our mission is to help small and medium business and organizations. Through honest, business sense, innovation and professionalism, we help our clients in branding their company, increasing their sales, saving their time.

“Your designs were exactly what we had always imagined – clear, clean, continuous, with a focus on stylistic elements. Thank you so much for your work on this project. It was a major help for us.” Blue Star Home Care

Abdullahi Ali

It is great to have someone can understand your problems and knows their solutions, and solves honestly. Thank you RElSoft team 

Kilwa Duale

RElSoft Solved My Problem and Saved My Time! Their Invoice System Was One Step Forward For My Business.

Ibrahim Diini

Web Host & Development Plans

Great news! RElSoft has released great plans for web hosting and development that can met each individuals and businesses requirement. We love to help and give free demo to out customers. Contact us for details and get your website running in 24 hours! See our plans to start!


RElSoft provides affordable printing cost. We also design flyers, business cards, and other graphic designs. For getting all in one time, will reduce your cost, as we give great discount to our customers always.

Free Shipping!

RElSoft will provide to the customers free shipping! Our free shipping services will be available for only our United States Customers!

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